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Tommi Blake – formerly a detective constable in the idyllic Cotswolds region of England – has decided to return to her beloved village of Chambury after a self-imposed two-year exile in America. She arrives in the midst of an epic storm to find herself stranded, just a few miles from her destination, in the Witherfield Arms Retirement Home.


Tommi discovers that not all is as it seems within the Witherfield Arms, nor are all its residents who they claim to be. She quickly finds herself confronted with not just one, but two suspicious deaths … as well as the one man in the world she isn’t, as yet, prepared to meet.


Death Comes to the Witherfield Arms is the second in the Cotswolds Mystery Series featuring Tommi Blake. Tommi was first introduced in The Dog at the Gate, the first book in the series. Both books are British Mysteries penned by James Ignizio, the award-winning author of the widely acclaimed novel: The Last English Village.

Henry, Eddie, and Me

A frail, sickly child, an abused, timid dog, and a fearless little field mouse – can they rescue a troubled family?

Danny Ryan was born prematurely, abandoned by his birth parents, and ultimately committed to an orphanage for “the hard to adopt.” Danny’s frail body, undersized lungs, poor eyesight, severe allergies, and fear of strangers – along with his bright red hair, freckles, and ears at least a size too large for his head – made little Danny particularly hard to adopt. It wasn’t, in fact, until he was two years old that – in a truly remarkable encounter – Danny was adopted by a childless couple.

Danny’s adoptive parents, in a misguided attempt to protect Danny from the taunts and insults of outsiders, provide him with a life that is shielded from the world. There, Danny pursues his one great passion, the repair of broken household items. His closest companions are Eddie, a timid rescue dog, and Henry, a fearless little field mouse with a truly serious passion for yellow rosebuds.

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